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What if your toothbrush is smarter than you?

What if your toothbrush is smarter than you? I know, this may sound ridiculous but let us look at the present trends, and you can judge for yourself. In the 19th century, we moved from natural to artificial power. So we took a hand-pump and

Scientists, who make Apps addictive (via The Economist 1843)

An interesting article on The Economist 1843 from November,  written by Ian Leslie: “Tech companies use the insights of behaviour design to keep us returning to their products. But some of the psychologists who developed the science of persuasion are worried about how it is

It seems to matter what you read (via Quartz)

Luke MacGregor wrote end of June about “a study published in the International Journal of Business Administration in May 2016, found that what students read in college directly affects the level of writing they achieve.” Published on Quartz, below a noteworthy quote: “Understanding others’ mental states

Has Modern Technology caused the End of Reflection? (via NY Times)

“The end of reflection”  author of the article on The New York Times, Teddy Wayne, heads his post, published on June 11, 2016. A noteworthy quote: “’Finding moments to engage in contemplative thinking has always been a challenge, since we’re distractible,’ said Nicholas Carr, author

Public Radio in an Existential Crisis (via WSJ)

In an article on the Wall Street Journal online last week, Ellen Gamerman looks at the public radio demographic situation in the United States, by also referring to legacy radio shows versus podcast. Some figures: “By the end of the decade, NPR projects that younger

Learning to live (on the future of learning)

This is a guest post by Rudy de Waele & Humberto Schwab, originally posted on Medium. Learning to live As new technological innovation is eating the world, the need to improve the connection between the academic and business world becomes dramatically urgent in order to