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In Praise of Plagiarism (guest post by Tim Cole)

By Tim Cole Is intellectual property theft? Listening to the high-pitched arguments about digital piracy one could almost assume that copyright or commercial legal protection of intellectual property are a law of nature; something we always enjoyed and that’s been around forever. Not so: The

How to stop the money monoculture by Kickstarter CEO and cofounder Yancey Strickler

Technology has been disrupting many business sectors over the last years (think of Music, Telecom, Publishing) and will keep disrupting many other area’s (Energy, Transport, Health, Education, …). Technology and the Internet have made information more transparent with more information available than ever before, for people

Artificial Emotional Intelligence

In November, WIRED UK publishes its fourth annual trends report, a standalone magazine in which the magazine’s network of expert writers and influencers predicts what’s coming next. No surprise to us, Artificial Intelligence is mentioned as one of the biggest trends for the coming year. WIRED published a preview

We are data: the future of machine intelligence

“To be (data) or not to be (data)”, that’s the question we all ponder about facing an increasingly faster and data intense future. ‘The internet is going to do to us whatever it is going to do — and it’s far too late to stop it’

Zukunftsfähige Schulkonzepte entwickeln (in German, by Futurist Andreas Walker)

  Hans Lenzi interviewt Andreas M. Walker Dass im Zuge von Globalisierung und Digitalisierung auch die Schullandschaft Veränderungen braucht, ist Gemeinplatz. In welche Richtung aber soll Schule neu gedacht und angepasst werden? Es ist hohe Zeit, die Diskussion darüber zu führen. Andreas M. Walker, Zukunftsentdecker

4 Ways Improv Can Improve All Aspects of Your Life

I know this is a bit of a departure from your average post about business or the future, but it’s actually quite valid, so stay with me. If you’ve ever seen an improvisation skit, you may wonder how those principles could apply to your business.