Digital Ethics Articles

Why Human Values can’t be taught to Artificial Intelligence (via Slate)

“How to be good” is how Adam Elkus titled his recent article published on Slate, touching an important topic. Quote: “Or, in other words, ‘computers can act intelligently to the degree that humans act mechanically.’ Lots of human activities (like voting, greeting, praying, shopping, or writing

Interview with Gerd Leonhard: Podcast on the Future of Humans and Technology

Here is a Podcast Interview with Gerd, recently done with Oscar Santolalla for Time to Shine Podcasts. Santolalla refers to “November 2014, (when) Gerd spoke at TEDx Brussels, in front of 2000 people. In this talk, titled “Digital ethics and the future of humans in a connected world,” Gerd challenged people

Learning to live (on the future of learning)

This is a guest post by Rudy de Waele & Humberto Schwab, originally posted on Medium. Learning to live As new technological innovation is eating the world, the need to improve the connection between the academic and business world becomes dramatically urgent in order to

The evilification of Facebook: Gerd Leonhard about to quit Facebook!

The Futures Agency’s CEO Gerd Leonhard is thinking about leaving Facebook – and he needs your help in deciding this. “Facebook now generates 35% of my traffic to this site and my Youtube channel, yet I am seriously thinking about ending my posts and contributions to Facebook, and may delete my profile and my pages altogether.” Gerd