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Good interview with John Markoff about ‘Machines of Loving Grace’

Earlier in August 2016, Roberto V. Zicari interviewed John Markoff, technology writer at The New York Times: “In 2013 John Markoff was awarded a Pulitzer Prize. This interview is related to his recent book ‘Machines of Loving Grace: The Quest for Common Ground Between Humans

The evilification of Facebook: Gerd Leonhard about to quit Facebook!

The Futures Agency’s CEO Gerd Leonhard is thinking about leaving Facebook – and he needs your help in deciding this. “Facebook now generates 35% of my traffic to this site and my Youtube channel, yet I am seriously thinking about ending my posts and contributions to Facebook, and may delete my profile and my pages altogether.” Gerd

In Praise of Plagiarism (guest post by Tim Cole)

By Tim Cole Is intellectual property theft? Listening to the high-pitched arguments about digital piracy one could almost assume that copyright or commercial legal protection of intellectual property are a law of nature; something we always enjoyed and that’s been around forever. Not so: The