Digital Transformation Articles

Video: Gerd Leonhard on the next 5 Years in Technology

This is the complete video recording of Gerd Leonhard’s talk at Innotown Innovation Conference end of May 2016 in Ålesund, Norway. Gerd spoke about digital transformation and the key future scenarios impacting business, culture, technology and society. See for the slides and more details.

“Safely interruptible agents” – AI Scientists issue new Paper (via MIRI)

A new paper on error-tolerant agent designs, “Safely interruptible agents”, has been released last week by Google DeepMind Research Scientist Laurent Orseau and MIRI Research Associate Stuart Armstrong. From the abstract: “Reinforcement learning agents interacting with a complex environment like the real world are unlikely to behave

The Future Is Better Than We Think – The 4 Forces of Abundance (via HuffPost)

Population size, economic meltdowns, energy shortages, water shortages, food shortages are just a few headlines published every day. In this article by Steven Kotloer, recently published by the Huffington Post, four forces of abundance show a different picture. Noteworthy: “What does the world really look like?