Future of Work Articles

The Mine of the Future Is Run by Drones (via Motherboard)

Interesting article by Corin Faife found on Motherboard recently: “Drones, 3D scanning, and autonomous vehicles are moving humans away from the risks of the mining industry.” “As this trend towards automation continues there will almost certainly come a point where humans no longer need to

The Future of Work: Navigating the Whitewater (via Pacific Standard)

In his article on the Pacific Standard, already in 2015 researcher, author, and lecturer John Seely Brown wrote: “Given this era of accelerating change, one in which the half-life of many skills can be as short as five years, corporate training centers no longer work;

Imagine a Work-Free World – Would It Be So Bad ? (via The Atlantic)

“Some [people] imagine that the coming work-free world will be defined by inequality: A few wealthy people will own all the capital, and the masses will struggle in an impoverished wasteland.” writes Ilana E. Strauss End of June in her article on The Atlantic. But …