Future of Work Articles

Smarter Machines might cause Mass Unemployment (via The Economist)

“Automation and Anxiety” is the headline of a special report published originally last June in The Economist’s print version. A quote: “Deep learning is renowned for its superhuman prowess at certain forms of image recognition; there are large sets of labelled training data to crunch; and

Joi Ito: The Future of Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Mid of July Joi Ito, Director of the MIT Media Lab,  published some thoughts about the future of work in a post on his blog. Quote: “So while AI and other technologies may some day create a productivity abundance that allows us to eliminate the financial

How will the meaning of work change? (via WEF)

“Is the meaning of work about to change?” asks Rick Goings in his article on WEF World Economic Forum’s blog published end of February 2016. A noteworthy quote: “Our world is facing a crisis cubed: jobs are disappearing faster than they are being created; companies

Ross Dawson’s Framework on Humans’ Role in the Future of Work

During one of his recent keynotes, TFA’s Partner in Sydney, Ross Dawson, presented his views on ‘Creating the Future of Work’. “For the last years in addressing the future of work I have often focused on the human capabilities that will drive value as machines become more

Talking About Robots leads to Talking About Basic Income (via Motherboard)

In his article on Motherboard, Wren Handyman points out the necessity to add “conversations about basic income, a government-funded salary given to every citizen” to discussions about robots. He wrote: “Artificial intelligence will do more than just create driverless cars. Take, for instance, food production.