Future of Work Articles

What Would Happen If We Just Gave People Money? (via FiveThirtyEight)

An read essay-style post found on FiveThirtyEight, complementing the Swiss referendum to be held on June 5th on an unconditional basic income,  Excerpt: “The economic uncertainty surrounding basic income is huge, and the politics of bringing such a program about on a large scale are daunting.

How To Avoid Being Replaced By A Robot (via Fast Company)

Here’s a good read via FastCompany: “The fear of job loss due to automation is no longer relegated to only physical-labor manufacturing jobs and relatively simple transaction-based, customer-service workers (i.e., bank tellers, grocery store clerks, and travel agents). Companies are increasingly adopting sophisticated “cognitive” technologies across

Don’t kid yourself, a robot could do your job (says Fastco-Exist)

A good review of the key issues via FastcoExist. The next time you’re daydreaming at work, think about the tasks you’ve performed that day. Be honest with yourself about what parts of them have involved skills that you think are unique to human cognition: Empathy,