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The “World of Tomorrow” Business Forum 20 April 2017 Bratislava

On April 20th, the Slovakian capital Bratislava will hold the “World of Tomorrow” Business Forum. “In recent years there has been no business conference held in Slovakia at which 5 keynote speakers from abroad could have shared their experience. No one of the keynote speakers

For our Bulgarian Readers: Da ostavim visokata produktivnost za robotite… (via 26 януари 2017: “Как и какво ще работим в бъдеще? За професиите, защо ефикасността не трябва да бъде фикс идея и за икономиката на щастието, вижте какво споделя футуристът Герд Леонард в интервю за Герд Леонард е футурист, който предвижда как ще изглежда

Podcast: The technologies that will change the world (Gerd Leonhard)

This is the live recording of Gerd Leonhard’s keynote held at the 8th Forum De La Haute Horlogerie in Lausanne in November 2016, now also available as podcast: “There’s no getting away from technology. It is, one could say, universal and spreading exponentially. Futurist Gerd