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Z-Machines – Robot Music Band

Today I spoke at La Digital Tech Conference in Rennes, France on The Future of Connected Music. In included two videos of the one of my favourite robot bands, called Z-Machines. As the audience seemed to like this so much, I decided to post the

The future of work – interview with Rudy de Waele (video)

Learn about the new trends on the Future of Work and HR in this 11 minute interview with The Futures Agency‘s partner Rudy de Waele and Worklife Hub at HRM Expo in Cologne in September 2015. “The new ROI is happiness. People management is no longer about efficiency,

Shift 2020 Brain Food Newsletter (Rudy de Waele)

On request of our CEO, Gerd Leonhard, here’s an excerpt from (yours truly) Rudy de Waele‘s shift 2020 Brain Food newsletter, a must read regular newsletter on the digital transformation topics changing our world in business and society. Rudy’s website can be found at He

What exactly is the Internet of Things? #IoT

One of the best resources on the Internet of Things can be found on The website includes lots of information on the subject: articles, books, websites, media, organisations, events, and IoT Stack and an IoT Toolkit. Check out this excellent infographic below by postscapes and

50 Sensor Applications for a Smarter World

  If you want to understand more about what type of applications will run in our smart cities of the future, you must check these “50 Sensor Applications for a Smarter World“, created by Libelium, an Internet of Things Platform Provider, based in Zaragoza, Spain. The

Augmented Barbie using Artificial Intelligence

With the help of A.I., America’s most famous doll tries to fulfill a timeless dream — convincing little girls that she’s a real friend. What will happen if they believe her? In-depth article in the New York Times earlier last week about the launch of an