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Smartphones – das neue Gegengift

Eltern liegen oft nachts wach, weil sie sich Sorgen machen, dass ihre Kinder gerade irgendwo einen Joint anzünden oder sich die Spritze geben könnten. Komasaufen und Drogensucht bei Jugendlichen gelten in Deutschland als Geisel, der niemand Herr wird. In meiner Heimat Amerika haben angeblich schon

Video: Gerd Leonhard’s Keynote at The Smart Port Summit in Rotterdam

On November 24, 2016, Smart Port held the SmartPort Summit 2016 in Rotterdam. Gerd Leonhard, keynote speaker and author of Technology vs. Humanity, addressed topics such as digital darwinism and the challenges of digital transformation, the redefinition of human-machine relationships, the future of work and

Gerd Leonhard’s new Book will be available soon: Technology vs Humanity

With his upcoming book “Technology vs Humanity“, Gerd Leonhard will address a subject that increasingly concerns all of us. Effective end of July, the new web site will offer an abundance of information about the topic and first previews of the book. “The coming clash between

Shelly Palmer on Man/Machine Partnerships – Should we fear AI?

CEO of Palmer Advanced Media (ShellyPalmer Strategic Advisors) and host of Shelly Palmer Digital Living on Fox 5, asked in his post published on his blog yesterday: “Should you fear AI?” “New and scary … something very new is on the horizon: man/machine partnerships pairing hackers with purpose-built

Interview with Gerd Leonhard: Podcast on the Future of Humans and Technology

Here is a Podcast Interview with Gerd, recently done with Oscar Santolalla for Time to Shine Podcasts. Santolalla refers to “November 2014, (when) Gerd spoke at TEDx Brussels, in front of 2000 people. In this talk, titled “Digital ethics and the future of humans in a connected world,” Gerd challenged people

Learning to live (on the future of learning)

This is a guest post by Rudy de Waele & Humberto Schwab, originally posted on Medium. Learning to live As new technological innovation is eating the world, the need to improve the connection between the academic and business world becomes dramatically urgent in order to