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Smartphones – das neue Gegengift

Eltern liegen oft nachts wach, weil sie sich Sorgen machen, dass ihre Kinder gerade irgendwo einen Joint anzünden oder sich die Spritze geben könnten. Komasaufen und Drogensucht bei Jugendlichen gelten in Deutschland als Geisel, der niemand Herr wird. In meiner Heimat Amerika haben angeblich schon

Millennials will determine the future of sports

The coaches say that they have learned more about technology from players than they thought possible. The biggest advancement, defensive-line coach Scott Brown said, is that the younger players have been raised in an NFL where practice tape can be downloaded to tablets before meetings,

‘Mobile is now the first [TV] screen’

Scherer added that the TV industry is realising that data will play a crucial role in helping it to increase the size of its audience; to have a stronger relationship with those viewers; to improve its shows; and to forge better partnerships with big brands

Digital Bedouin seeks digital oasis

There is no avoiding the fact that digital networks will change the way we work. The question that remains, however, is this: How will we cope? After all, we can’t all hope to profit equally; there are always winners and losers. The Industrial Revolution, says

Social Media 2.0: time killers or time savers?

By Tim Cole While the digital world around us is changing at Internet speed, there are still those among us who are blissfully unaware of what’s going on. Certain regions even in the developed world still lag far behind. Germans, for instance, are real digital