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NYT Readers Spend Same Amount of Time on Paid Posts as News Stories

Readers of the New York Times are spending roughly the same amount of time on advertiser-sponsored posts as on news stories, according to Meredith Levien, the executive vice president of advertising for The Times…Ms. Levien said that the notion of brands being able to tell

Uber, Buzzfeed and the Future of Journalism

By Tim Cole Newspapers are dying  – and so what else is new? New Orleans, a metropolis of some 380.000 and number 51 in the list of the largest US cities is without its own daily, since the Time-Picayune went online-only in May 2012. Previously,

How Facebook Is Changing Journalism

If Facebook’s algorithm smiles on a publisher, the rewards, in terms of traffic, can be enormous. What happens when individuals have access to the same algorithms as large companies? We’re already teaching ourselves to code for free, we’re learning how to hack into things –

Storytelling tours merge fitness with literature

“Spinning Stories” is a storytelling bicycle tour sponsored by Recovery Bike Shop and Re-Cycle in Minneapolis. Tours are  10- to 15-miles long and bikers travel to different locations to hear stories where they happened in books. The storytelling bike tour is an interesting mix of

More millennials read a book last year than older Americans

One caveat to the study is that young people, particularly between 16 and 22, and more likely to be in school; so all this book-reading may not be entirely voluntary. Indeed, while young people were more likely to take advantage of a library in the past year

The New York Times Is a Great Company in a Terrible Business

This morning, the New York Times announced higher circulation revenue, huge gains in digital subscribers, and the continued erosion of its print advertising business. If the Times were interested in saving paper and man-hours, it could start by copy-pasting that paragraph into a PDF every quarter.