Robotics Articles

For our Bulgarian Readers: Da ostavim visokata produktivnost za robotite… (via 26 януари 2017: “Как и какво ще работим в бъдеще? За професиите, защо ефикасността не трябва да бъде фикс идея и за икономиката на щастието, вижте какво споделя футуристът Герд Леонард в интервю за Герд Леонард е футурист, който предвижда как ще изглежда

I am not a Robot – by Gerd Leonhard on AlleyWatch

Gerd Leonhard on AlleyWatch, October 26, 2016: “Maybe you recognize this title. Because if you’re spending time on planet Earth lately you will have noticed something. The internet is constantly asking us if we are still human. Because we are no longer alone. Robots are

Interactive Bodies (via JWT Intelligence)

The source of this article is the “J. Walter Thompson Intelligence is a center for provocative thinking that focuses on identifying shifts in the global zeitgeist.” In her post of July 27, Jade Perry writes about “interactive acrylic nails for commuters that point toward our