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The Mine of the Future Is Run by Drones (via Motherboard)

Interesting article by Corin Faife found on Motherboard recently: “Drones, 3D scanning, and autonomous vehicles are moving humans away from the risks of the mining industry.” “As this trend towards automation continues there will almost certainly come a point where humans no longer need to

Global Futures and Foresights: 2016 Flipboarded Tweet Decks (via GFF)

Everything GFF – The Futures Agency Member’s company Futurist David A. Smith – tweeted in the past 12 months with the articles, reports and papers Global Futures and Foresights referenced in the Tweet embedded in these Flipboard documents: AI & automation Big data & analytics

Podcast: The technologies that will change the world (Gerd Leonhard)

This is the live recording of Gerd Leonhard’s keynote held at the 8th Forum De La Haute Horlogerie in Lausanne in November 2016, now also available as podcast: “There’s no getting away from technology. It is, one could say, universal and spreading exponentially. Futurist Gerd

Scientists, who make Apps addictive (via The Economist 1843)

An interesting article on The Economist 1843 from November,  written by Ian Leslie: “Tech companies use the insights of behaviour design to keep us returning to their products. But some of the psychologists who developed the science of persuasion are worried about how it is

Vivek Wadhwa: I already live in the future — and so should you

“I live in the future,” wrote Vivek Wadhwa on his blog beginning of August. “I drive a Tesla electric vehicle, which controls the steering wheel on highways. My house in Menlo Park, Calif., is a “passive” home that expends minimal energy on heating or cooling. With the solar

Always at your service: Digital Assistants (via Statista)

Think Siri, Cortana, Alexa, et al. Data Journalist Felix Richter shows in his chart on Statista, published 26 August 2016, a forecast of an increasing number of virtual digital assistants. He writes: “According to market research firm Tractica, the use of virtual digital assistants (VDAs) is going to increase