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Gerd Leonhard: la tecnologia tra paradiso e inferno

Per i nostri lettori italiani. Blog Contocorrente 27/07/2016: “l futurista Gerd Leonhard è quell’esperto che può descriverti tutti gli straordinari benefici della tecnologia digitale rimanendo però con i piedi per terra. La tecnologia può procurarci enormi vantaggi se usata nel modo corretto, altrimenti ne paghiamo le conseguenze

Video: Gerd Leonhard at European Insurers’ AMICE 2016 in Ghent

The city of Ghent in Belgium saw the AMICE Congress taking place during the first week of June, an event where all European mutual and cooperative insurers converge. Session III on the morning of June 3rd was covered by Gerd Leonhard and his presentation: “Mutuals evolving in

19 examples of jobs explain why ‘bots’ are not such a bad idea (via Xerox)

An article recently published on contemplates that “Robots — or, more precisely, ‘bots — are advancing at an incredible rate and transforming everyday life.” A quote from 19 robot job examples: “The University of California, San Francisco, has developed an automated hospital pharmacy that dispenses

The Future Is Better Than We Think – The 4 Forces of Abundance (via HuffPost)

Population size, economic meltdowns, energy shortages, water shortages, food shortages are just a few headlines published every day. In this article by Steven Kotloer, recently published by the Huffington Post, four forces of abundance show a different picture. Noteworthy: “What does the world really look like?