Technology vs Humanity Articles

Technology vs. Humanity: Review by Bob Emerson (via IoTNOW)

Online on IoTNOW on September 27, Bob Emerson had his detailed review of Gerd Leonhard’s latest book “Technology vs. Humanity” published. Excerpt: “Chapter 5: ‘The Internet of Inhuman things’. It examines the potential challenges posed by the IoT, which is the current dominant narrative within digital transformation,

Top 10 Emerging Technologies in 2016 (via WEF)

Written by Oliver Cann and already published in June 2016 on the WEF’s Agenda, it is always interesting to revisit this report a few months later to see where the technological development stands today. “A diverse range of breakthrough technologies, including batteries capable of providing power

Vivek Wadhwa: I already live in the future — and so should you

“I live in the future,” wrote Vivek Wadhwa on his blog beginning of August. “I drive a Tesla electric vehicle, which controls the steering wheel on highways. My house in Menlo Park, Calif., is a “passive” home that expends minimal energy on heating or cooling. With the solar

Podcast: Tech vs. Human with Gerd Leonhard on Robot Overlordz

Mike Johnston of Robot Overlordz recorded an interview Gerd Leonhard in August, talking about the important topic of technology versus humanity. “Gerd Leonhard. What does it mean to be human? And how is technology redefining the answer to that question? We’re joined by futurist Gerd Leonhard to

Gerd Leonhard’s latest book ‘Technology vs. Humanity’ out now !

The evening of September 8 saw a successful book launch of Gerd Leonhard‘s latest publication “Technology vs. Humanity” at the CASS Business School in Central London. After a cordial welcome by Fast Future Publishing, Gerd Leonhard introduced his book to the audience and press, followed

Video: Gerd Leonhards Keynote at the Mercedes Benz Vans Innovation Campus

At Mercedes Benz’ media event “Mercedes Benz Vans Innovation Campus” yesterday in Stuttgart, Gerd Leonhard’s keynote was streamed live (first half of the clip). The keynote’s topic form part of Gerd Lenhard’s latest book “Technology vs. Humanity“: “Embrace technology but don’t become it. Radical human