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From a Telecom’s Perspective: The Future of Everything (via

A newsletter with the title: “The Future of Everything: Making Sense of the Sensor Revolution from a Telecoms Perspective” was published recently by Martin Geddes on He writes: “We are in the midst of a revolution in computing, driven by ubiquitous and cheap sensors

Computing in the Future (via The Economist)

The Economist published an interesting article recently in its Leaders, headed: “The era of predictable improvement in computer hardware is ending. What comes next?” Quotes: “A modern Intel Skylake processor contains around 1.75 billion transistors—half a million of them would fit on a single transistor

Good resource: the ITU’s Information Society Report 2015

The Report, which has been published annually since 2009, features key ICT data and benchmarking tools to measure the information society, including the ICT Development Index (IDI). The IDI 2015 captures the level of ICT developments in 167 economies worldwide and compares progress made since