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What price the road?

Toll systems in use around the world are hopelessly stuck in the analog age. By using intelligent IoT-based metering governments just might be able to keep pace with rising numbers of vehicles as ride-sharing and electric cars take off. Toll roads go back a long

Smartphones – das neue Gegengift

Eltern liegen oft nachts wach, weil sie sich Sorgen machen, dass ihre Kinder gerade irgendwo einen Joint anzünden oder sich die Spritze geben könnten. Komasaufen und Drogensucht bei Jugendlichen gelten in Deutschland als Geisel, der niemand Herr wird. In meiner Heimat Amerika haben angeblich schon

Google, Facebook and the Search for Truth

By Tim Cole* There is no doubt that false information and fake news sites on the Internet hugely influenced the outcome of the U.S. presidential election. There is no more appropriate figurehead for what the Economist in a recent title story called the “post-truth world”

In Praise of Plagiarism (guest post by Tim Cole)

By Tim Cole Is intellectual property theft? Listening to the high-pitched arguments about digital piracy one could almost assume that copyright or commercial legal protection of intellectual property are a law of nature; something we always enjoyed and that’s been around forever. Not so: The

Roboter sind die besseren Chefs (guest post by Tim Cole – in German)

Bei Robotern denken die meisten Menschen wahlweise an riesige Maschinen mit Greifarmen, die in Autofabriken in Reih und Glied stehen und dort Schwerstarbeit verrichten, oder an kleine Haushaltsroboter wie elektronische Staubsauger oder Sonys niedlicher Aibo, der wie ein Hündchen aussah und auf Knopfdruck Pfötchen gab

Transformation in fast-forward (guest post by Tim Cole)

There can be no doubt: The future of business will be digital. The Internet has wrought fundamental change over the past twenty-odd years, but that is nothing compared with the upheaval yet to come in the next twenty plus. Networks and intelligent systems will cause