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Meet Baxter the Robot

emergentfutures: Meet the new Baxter robot — twice as fast, more precise and easier to use Baxter the robot can now fold a shirt, brew coffee, solve a Rubik’s Cube and pack boxes in manufacturing settings twice as fast. The manufacturing robot, made by Boston-based Rethink Robotics, is

(via What Your Internet of Things Is Saying About You (Comic) | Re/code)

12 Fail GIFs That Will Make You Get Off The Phone

getinthemoment: Because life is too short to live through your phone. Buick believes in opening yourself to new discoveries, that’s why they want you to live #inthemoment. https://www.buzzfeed.com/buick/12-fail-gifs-that-will-make-you-get-off-the-phone?b=1

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futuristgerd: “It’s not a question of whether technology can do it — it can,” said Gerd Leonhard, a Swiss author and futurist. “Now the question is what is our ethics?” It becomes a question of what should or should not be allowed and, eventually, of

In Johnson’s vision of the future, humans will be in control, but living in a world drastically changed by new technology. The biggest driver in tech will be the ever-shrinking size of the computer chip, which he predicts will effectively approach zero by 2020. Five

Countries adding the most billionaires | SmartPlanet

Link: Countries adding the most billionaires | SmartPlanet Today, the bottom half of the global population owns less than 1 percent of total wealth. The richest 10 percent holds 86 percent of the world’s wealth. The top 1 percent—meaning those ultra-high-net-worth individuals with fortunes in

Our guest list includes World Renowned Futurist, Gerd Leonhard; Pirate Party Founder and Civil Liberties Activist, Rickard Falkvinge; Starbucks founding investor, Neal Dempsey, Intel Capital’s Marcos Battisti; Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Intel Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, Financial Times, Reuters, Global Corporate Venturing, and so many more! Please