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Weniger ist mehr – warum ENTTECHNISIERUNG das Gebot für günstiges Wohnen ist

Wer heute Häuser baut, liefert den künftigen Bewohnern mehr als ein Dach über dem Kopf. Tatsächlich sind Wohnhäuser mittlerweile regelrechte Technikzentren, die für Komfort und Klimaschutz gleichermaßen sorgen sollen. Im Neubau dominiert dabei die Wärmetechnik: In Einfamilienhäusern sorgen Wärmepumpe, Fußbodenheizung, Heizkreisverteilungen, Pumpen, Regler, die mit

Xiaomi – is this Business Model Maverick worth $100bn?

Xiaomi, the Chinese Unicorn, is looking to raise $10bn via an IPO this year, which could value it at up to $100bn. In this article, Simon Torrance, Futures Agency member and author of the New Growth Playbook, analyses its business model and draws out four

European Business urgently needs a Business Model Renaissance

Guest post by Simon Torrance, The Futures Agency speaker and author and presenter of the New Growth Playbook, How to Transform your Business Model for the Digital Economy European industry continues to lag badly behind the US and China in adopting advanced business models, in

Collapse or Emergence of a New Civilization?

Collapse or Emergence of a New Civilization? Bruno Marion is a futurist, an expert on global trends and innovation. His latest book is Chaos, a User’s Guide Bruno has been travelling around the world for 30 years, meeting CEOs, monks, all kind of gurus, people in

Smarter Machines might cause Mass Unemployment (via The Economist)

“Automation and Anxiety” is the headline of a special report published originally last June in The Economist’s print version. A quote: “Deep learning is renowned for its superhuman prowess at certain forms of image recognition; there are large sets of labelled training data to crunch; and

Gerd Leonhard: New Website ‘futuristgerd.com’ now online

The web site of Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author and CEO of The Futures Agency Gerd Leonhard, http://www.futuristgerd.com, has been updated and enjoys a brand new, contemporary design. Again a reflection of his extensive work, the various sections have been redesigned for faster viewing across all platforms, for