Redefining the relationship of man and machine: Gerd Leonhard’s narrated chapter from the ‘The Future of Business’ book (video, audio and pdf)

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The Futures Agency’s CEO, Gerd Leonhard is fortunate to be part of a group of 62 leading futurists that compiled their ideas and visions in the amazing ‘The Future of Business’ book, edited by our partner, friend, colleague and publisher Rohit Talwar. The book is a fantastic read and the 500+ pages are worth every minute you spend on them. The book was released in the summer and is starting to gain serious traction globally. Please consider buying the book using the link above (use discount code GL1 for 10% off) or via Amazon (ebook or print)

Today, we are delighted to present this narrated version of Gerd’s chapter as a beautifully produced audio-visual ‘meditation’, as a free MP3 podcast or download (see below), and as a free PDF of the entire chapter.

This video represents a very unique experiment; a rich but very atmospheric 28-minute contemplation narrated by Gerd himself, rather than the usual keynotes or presentations. A very big thank-you goes to the producer and art director Jean Francois Cardella and his team (Sylvain and Jeremy) for working long and hard on this idea and giving it an entirely new creative direction. You guys rock!

Our only request is that if you use these resources and if you like Gerd’s chapter, we would like you to kindly consider either buying or gifting the book, or reviewing it on Amazon or Goodreads, or recommend it on social media. Thanks and enjoy!And here below are the links:

FOB Future of Business book – Chapter Relationship Man & Machine Gerd Leonhard Public shared but return the favour PDF 600k

Audio: downloads: 50MB high res MP3,  20MB low-res MP3

Low-res video download via Dropbox (m4v, 600MB)

About the book:

The Future of Business focuses on the critical forces, trends, developments and ideas that could reshape the commercial environment and hence the strategy and operations of business over the next two decades. The book contains contributions from over 50 leading and emerging futurists and future thinkers from around the world. Topics include the changing economic landscape, social and technological shifts, the impact of cryptocurrency, new business models, emerging technologies such as AI and robotics, new organisational forms, disruptive innovation and practical strategies for exploring and embedding the future. .. with contributions by Rohit Talwar (Author), Gerd Leonhard (Author), Gray Scott (Author), B.J. Murphy (Author), Ian Pearson (Author), Laura Goodrich(Author), Cornelia Daheim (Author), Joyce Gioia (Author), Calum Chace  (Author)


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