Ross: your super intelligent attorney

Built on top of Watson, IBM’s cognitive computer, ROSS is a digital legal expert that helps you power through your legal research.

ROSS is an artificially intelligent attorney to help you power through legal research. ROSS improves upon existing alternatives by actually understanding your questions in natural sentences like – “When can a debtor reject a collective bargaining agreement as per the US bankruptcy code?”

ROSS then provides you an instant answer with citations and suggests highly topical readings from a variety of content sources.

ROSS is built upon Watson, IBM’s cognitive computer. Almost all of the legal information that you rely on is unstructured data—it is in the form of text, and not neatly situated in the rows and columns of a database. Watson is able to mine facts and conclusions from over a billion of these text documents a second. Meanwhile, existing solutions rely on search technologies that simply find keywords.

To recap the benefits of working with ROSS…

  1. ROSS provides you a highly relevant answer, not 1000s of results, to your question posed in natural language, not keywords.
  2. ROSS monitors the law for changes that can positively/negatively affect your case, instead of flooding you with legal news.
  3. ROSS learns the more you and other lawyers use it.
  4. ROSS offers a simple, consistent experience across all your devices and form factors.

Further reading on ROSS in this article on WIRED.

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