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All Members and Speakers featured by The Futures Agency are very active in their fields of expertise. In this page, we would like to highlight some of their most recent work.

Gerd Leonhard

Video: The Future of Technology and Humanity

Short Film: Digital transformation: are you ready for exponential change?

Video: Keynote: The Future of Humanity (The Economist, Malta)

Video: Presentation: The Future of Humanity and Technology (Innovations Moscow)

Video: Keynote: Die Zukunft des Marketings (BMT, Schweiz)

Meme: If you become technology, you become a commodity (CNA, Singapore)

Visit Gerd Leonhard’s video channels on and Vimeo

Media: Futurist: More changes in next 20 years than last 300 (The Business Times)

Media: Roboter werden Routinearbeit machen (20min)

Media: Future of knowledge in the coming era of intelligent machines (Guardian)

Slides: The Future of Work and Leadership (Google Atmosphere Brazil)

Slides: The Future of Marketing: Man & Machine (FODM)

Slides: Die digitale Transformation von Gesellschaft und Business: 2020 (Best-of)

Rohit Talwar

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Reinventing the airport ecosystem_Rohit Talwar-TFA

Driving Forces – 100 Trends and Developments Shaping the Path to 2025 Master_Rohit Talwar-TFA

Hotels 2020-Beyond Segmentation_Web version2_Rohit Talwar-TFA

How Information Technology could Transform the Legal Industry over the Next Decade_Rohit Talwar-TFA

Rohit Talwar ICCA 2063 – Exploring The Next Fifty Years 03 09 13_Rohit Talwar-TFA

The Future of Law Firms – ILTA Legal Technology Future Horizons Final Report_Rohit Talwar-TFA

The Path to 2025 – Driving Forces Global Challenges Potential Disruptions and Business Scenarios – Master_Rohit Talwar-TFA

Didier Marlier

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“Le Monde” article refering to Didier’s book, “Engaging Leadership” (French)_Didier Marlier-TFA

Disruption Economy Roundtable at ESPM Brazil (Portuguese)_Didier Marlier-TFA

From Disruption to Engagement- “The Open Network Economy”_Didier Marlier-TFA

Leadership and HR- what are the new trends in the market? (Portuguese)_Didier Marlier-TFA

The Future of Strategic Planning in the Disruption Economy (Portuguese)_Dider Marlier-TFA

Brian Newman

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Should festivals pay filmmakers to play their films?_Brian Newman-TFA

Innovation in storytelling and audience engagement_Brian Newman-TFA

Inventing the Future of the Arts: Seven Digital Trends_Brian Newman-TFA

Solutions to Over abundance_Brian Newman-TFA

Ten Predictions for 2014_Brian Newman-TFA

Dirk von Gehlen

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Mehr Vorfreude wagen! (German)_Dirk von Gehlen-TFA

Wie wir kommunizieren können (German)_Dirk von Gehlen-TFA

Zappeln als Distinktion – unser Text aus der SZ (German)_Dirk von Gehlen-TFA

Kelli Richards

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3 Seemingly Obvious Tech Mergers We’re Still Waiting For_Kelli Richards-TFA

4 Tech Dinosaurs That Will Finally Die in 2015_Kelli Richards-TFA

How to Create a Personalized Solution that is Insanely Profitable_Kelli Richards-TFA

How to Vet a Crowded Industry for Hidden Innovation Opportunities_Kelli Richards-TFA

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