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At TFA, we like to refer to our fellow futurists and speakers as members. All members are available for various TFA missions e.g. speaking engagements, workshops and group sessions, and in many cases also accept individual consulting or advisory assignments (please contact us for more details).

TFA also has many different kinds of collaborators who work with us on a case by case basis. Our members/speakers and collaborators are the very best in their fields. They know how to communicate with a wide variety of clients from different cultures, age groups and industry segments, and include some of CEO Gerd Leonhard‘s long-time and trusted collaborators. In addition, they all are really great people, and we think you will enjoy working with them! Watch best-of TFA members clips in a playlist on

MEMBERS (click on each link to view more detailed profiles)


  • Gerd LEONHARD: Futurist, Author, CEO TFA, Zurich, Switzerland (English, German)
  • Didier MARLIER: Disruption Economy, Leadership & Change Agent, Brussels, Geneva and São-Paulo (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Rohit TALWAR:  Global Futurist, Founder of Fast Future Research, London, UK (English)
  • Yuri van GEEST: Dutch Ambassador of Singularity University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Dutch, English)
  • Dr. Andreas M. WALKER, futures explorer, lateral thinker, hope speaker, Basel, Switzerland (German)
  • Tim COLE: Author & Speaker, St. Michael im Lungau, Austria (English, German)
  • Prof. Timo Leukefeld: Author & Speaker, Universitätsstadt Freiberg, Germany (German)
  • K D ADAMSON: Author, Speaker & Founder at Futurenautics, London, UK (English)
  • Jo CAUDRON:  Strategist for Digital Innovation, Author, CEO DearMedia, Belgium (Dutch, English)
  • Carlo DONZELLA: Digital Media Strategist, Rome, Italy / Valletta, Malta (English, Italian)
  • Dirk VON GEHLEN: Author, Journalist, Crowdfunding Pioneer & Digital Thought Leader, Munich, Germany (German)
  • Laurent HAUG: Entrepreneur, Observer, Investor, Strategist, Geneva, Switzerland (English, French)
  • Ajit JAOKAR: Founder Futuretext, Digital Policy Expert, London, UKpresent past future sign (English)
  • Mikael JENSEN: Telecoms & Content Innovator, CEO Digital Media Ventures, Copenhagen, DK (Danish, English)
  • Thimon DE JONG: Future human behaviour & business strategy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (English, Dutch)
  • Jonathan MARKS: Digital Storyteller, Tech Writer, Broadcaster & Media Strategist, Netherlands (Dutch, English)
  • Alan MOORE: Community, Branding & Marketing Strategist, London, UK (English)
  • Neil PERKIN: Digital Strategist and Social Technologist, London, UK (English)
  • Tom RAFTERY: Global Futurist and international speaker, focussed on IoT, Energy, and CleanTech Seville, Spain (English)
  • Clive RICH: Digital Media Law Expert, Strategist, London, UK (English)
  • Ralph SIMON: Mobile Trailblazer, Visionary and Innovator, London, UK (English)
  • David SMITH: Futurist, Founder The GFF, London, UK (English)
  • Rudy DE WAELE: Digital transformation strategist, London, UK (English, French, Spanish)
  • Mark WÄCHTER: Mobile Strategy Consultant, Mr. Mobile and Author (English, German)


  • Rohit BHARGAVA: Marketing Expert, Author, Influential Marketing Group, VA, USA (English)
  • Glen HIEMSTRA: Founder and CEO,, Seattle, USA (English)
  • Doug STEPHENS: Founder and CEO, Retail Prophet, Toronto, Canada (English)
  • Brian NEWMAN: Film Futurist, New York, USA (English)


  • Ross DAWSON: Futurist, Sydney, Australia (English)
  • Shara Evans: Technology Futurist, Innovation Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Telecoms Expert – Sydney, Australia and Philadelphia, USA (English)
  • Lars COSH-ISHII: Founder Mobikyo, Mobile Advisory, Tokyo, Japan (English, Japanese)
  • Dr. Madanmohan RAO: Research Advisor Asian Media Information Centre, Bangalore, India (English)
  • Anton MUSGRAVE, Senior Partner in FutureWorld SA and a Partner in FutureWorld International, Capetown, SA (English)


Patrick DIXON, Futurist and Keynote Speaker, London, UK (English)

Rita Gunther MCGRATH, Professor at Columbia, Author of ‘The End of Competitive Advantage’, NY, USA (English)

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