David Smith (ENG)

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Chief Executive
Global Futures and Foresight
Keynote Speaker – Chair – Strategist

Speaking Topics

  • Insurance – Challenge to Change.
  • Engaging with IT and IT leadership as a critical business issue.
  • The changing face of Financial Services – What’s driving change, how will it.
  • impact the industry and what can you do about it today to thrive.
  • Technological drivers of change. Understanding the impact – early.
  • Marketing and its changing role and value.
  • Healthcare and living longer lives.
  • Innovation and the drivers of change.
  • Work Automation and the impact of technology.
  • Changing consumers. Who they are and what makes them tick.
  • Changing employees – What they want and how to keep them.
  • The Rise of the Networked Company – the new form of agile organization.
  • The Changing Corporation – Social responsibility, world stewardship & talent scout.
  • Organizational change.
  • Social Networks – The next generation.
  • The Retail Revolution.
  • Communicating with your stakeholders – new technologies and approaches.
  • The future of Small and Medium Sized Business – Challenges and opportunities.
  • The externalization of companies – After outsourcing.

About David

David A. Smith is a Futurist and Founder of The GFF in London, UK. David challenges, informs and entertains his audiences on many of the key issues of the near future, in order to stimulate ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking to help generate new visions, strategies, products and services.

David challenges, informs and engages his clients and audiences on the key issues of the
near future, in order to stimulate ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking to help organizations generate new visions, strategies, products and services.

A futurologist, and Chief Executive of Global Futures and Foresight (GFF) – a strategic
futures research organization, David’s 35 year diverse marketing and business career has
made him recognisable as one of the world’s leading futurists and strategic thinkers. GFF
prepares views of the future on many topics to help organisations be better prepared to face the future and reduce their risk of being blindsided by change.

Since founding GFF, David has worked with many of the world’s largest organisations, and
government bodies as well as academic institutions and industry associations. His
insights have led many organizations to embrace change and prepare innovative
strategies to renew themselves and generate new growth.

David does this through using the research capabilities of the GFF, through his insightful and inspiring speeches and through chairing and moderating meetings and conferences.

In his 35 year business career he has held senior management positions in large and small
organizations. He has been involved in public sector, commercial and financial markets and has held sales, marketing and general management positions in companies such as
the UK based DRG group and The US Unisys corporation. Whilst at Unisys he held the
position of Strategic Marketing Director for their $2bn global financial services business.

He has advised the UK and EU governments on strategic research investment decisions.

His clients number some of largest and most prestigious firms around the world and David is a regular international keynote speaker and writer and a passionate believer that we are not victims of what the future might hold if we prepare ourselves in advance.

David is a week-end sailor and photographer.

David on the Web

GFF: Global Futures and Foresights

David on Twitter: davidsmithgff

YouTube Channel: gffTV

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    Europe & UK


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    • Business and Commerce
    • Digital Transformation
    • Society, Culture and Politics
    • Technology and Software
    • Work, Jobs and Employment

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