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K D Adamson speaks about the impact of new digital paradigms, breakthrough technologies and megatrends upon the Blue domain and shipping & maritime industries, now and in the future.

·         Blue growth & Blue Economy
·         Big (Blue) Data, analytics, predictive analytics
·         Blue connectivity, satellite and wider communications networks
·         Future optimisation of commercial shipping’s role in world trade flows and logistics chains
·         Direct and orthogonal impacts on shipping and Blue industries including 3-D & 4-D printing, Industrie 4.0 , near and next-shoring
·         Future transportation networks, Future ports/ the Seatropolis
·         Ship financing models now and in future
·         Changes in shipbuilding, design and maintenance
·         Crew welfare, recruitment, retention and training, of seafarers and shore based personnel & impact of knowledge automation on the Blue industries
·         Convergence and integration of systems and services in the Blue domain
·         Automation, human/machine-centred and adaptive automation
·         Autonomous  and unmanned/crewless sentient vessels
·         Future of maritime regulation & oversight & the ‘bureaucractic singularity’
·         Ship ownership and operation & future ownership ecosystems
·         Future of ship broking and professional services
·         Changes in ship and marine insurance, UBI and telematics
·         Relationship between states, navies and commercial shipping
·         Blue technology platforms & connectivity
·         The public profile of shipping, and shipping and maritime brands
·         Current and future fuels and propulsion including ocean energy
·         Blue sustainability
·         Intelligent materials
·         Blue technology, platforms, and disruptive Blue-tech start-ups
·         Effects of transparency and ‘pro-sumers’ on the Blue Economy
·         Leveraging the ‘Blue Crowd’ for maritime domain knowledge, awareness & security
·         Aquaculture and food security
·         Blue cyber security and resilience
·         Marine biotechnology
·         Blue mapping and exploration & future marine habitation from sea-bed factories to human settlements

The world’s foremost Blue Futurist and a thought-leader in the maritime space, K D Adamson is the founder of Futurenautics, author, novelist, presenter and keynote speaker. She is expert in how mega-trends including digital business, connectivity, data, artificial intelligence, autonomy, prediction, rapid urbanisation, collaboration, cyber-security, the circular economy, Industry 4.0 and robotics will impact the way humans safely, sustainably and profitably exploit and protect our oceans, rivers, ports and coastlines.

Supplying a strategic, global technology context for the rapid changes shipping and maritime is experiencing, K D Adamson offers a visionary perspective on the future opportunities and threats technology will deliver to shipping & maritime, and the wider Blue economy.

With her unparalleled understanding of how mega-trends and breakthrough technologies are affecting the shipping and maritime industry, and its context within the wider global economic, business and technology landscape, and Blue Growth strategies, K D Adamson delivers unique, powerful and inspirational keynote addresseses to audiences of Blue domain, shipping & maritime leaders and wider stewards and stakeholders.

As a seasoned conference Chair, presenter and host K D Adamson also anchors roundtables, seminars and larger conferences and has presented both for TV and Radio. K D Adamson has appeared worldwide in print, online, on radio and television on major networks including  ABC, Al Jazeera, BBC, Fox News, ITN, and NBC. She is represented for film, books and TV by Julian Friedmann at Blake Friedmann in London, and by Futurenautics for consultancy engagement.







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