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Liselotte Lungso

Globalization and digitization have made it possible for Future Navigator to revolutionize future studies. With the innovative Trend Navigator app, Liselotte Lyngsø invites the world to spot and prioritize transforming trends. We believe that predicting the future has to be a  collaborative effort where all kinds of skills and perspectives are brought into play.

Liselotte Lyngsø is Founder and Managing Partner of the innovation and futurist company Future  Navigator. She extensively works with scenarios for the future, innovation, technologies and megatrends that have consequences for the way we think, work, feel and travel.
We all have a futurist inside of us. What really matters is whether you can and will shape it. Liselotte will start by looking at the future trends in your line of business – those that will be driving markets and decisions soon. She, will then help you develop the mindset of a futurist so that you can see the trends specific to your audience or customers.
Liselotte will give you techniques so that you may see opportunities and creative solutions where others see problems and challenges. It is about training your future muscles, practicing Trendspotting and translating your new-found knowledge into perspectives that create direction and value. In this session you will learn many new techniques and methods to become your own futurist.
Our horizon is the possible and the desirable future that will change the way we live, work, think and act. We seek inspiration for changing the present for the better. We look at the dominant trends in management, climate, economy, transport, health, culture, consumption and technology. Our goal is to enable our clients to reach for the future.


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Liselotte’s further topics

  • Future of Travel
  • How to become a futurist yourself

Liselotte on the Web

  • City:
    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Europe & UK

    English, French, Danish

    Upon Request

    • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
    • Business and Commerce
    • Digital Transformation
    • Education, Training and HR
    • Energy, Utilities and Environment
    • Finance and Insurance
    • Lifestyle, Trends and Food
    • Pharma, Health and Medical
    • Philosophy and Ethics
    • Security, Cybercrime, Privacy
    • Singularity and Transhumanism
    • Society, Culture and Politics
    • Technology and Humanity
    • The Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Work, Jobs and Employment

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