Peter Vander Auwera (Petervan)

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Thinker – Creator – Sensemaker

Peter currently works as a freelance thinker, creator, sensemaker. He creates interventions, interruptions and provocations that lead to higher states of alertness and aliveness. Formats can be events, immersive learning experiences, expeditions, research, artwork, installations, performances, writings, soundscapes, recordings, documentaries, or just casual conversations.

From 2007 till 2017, he was the Co-Founder of Innotribe, the innovation initiative of SWIFT.

Main architect and content creator of the eight Innotribe Sibos events between 2009 and 2016.

Project lead of the Digital Asset Grid, major project on peer to peer sharing of data.

Prior to SWIFT, Peter was at Microsoft as EAI Solution Sales and Business Development Manager for Microsoft’s Electronic Identity Card plans in Belgium, for which he received in 2005 the Microsoft Chairman’s Award. Advisor and investor in  Volta Ventures, and on the Advisory Board of several organisations and start-ups.

Member of the WEF expert group on Personal Data, and the REXpedition, a think-tank for the Relationship Economy.

Co-initiator of Corporate Rebels United, a movement to unite corporate rebels worldwide to ensure that true change happens virally, and Charter Member of Change Agents Worldwide.

Speaker, including TEDxNewWallStreet and TEDxChange.

Belgian, Flemish primitive, married to Mieke, and proud father of a 13-year-old daughter. Peter is studying painting at the Academy of Arts in Ghent.


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