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yuriYuri van Geest (40; MSc. in Strategic Management, Marketing & Innovation) is a passionate professional, author, international keynote speaker and entrepreneur on exponential emerging technologies. He has a strong background in corporates (6 years), agencies (4 years), central government (2 years) and startups (2 years) and his own innovation company Trend8 (7 years).

Yuri is co-author of the (Amazon) bestselling book called Exponential Organizations with Salim Ismail, Mike Malone and Peter Diamandis. The book is about the fundamentally new ways startups and corporates are organized internally and externally to deal with disruption, exponential technologies and accelerated change. The is the first book by Singularity University Press globally. Pre-ordering the book and more info can be found here: http://www.exponentialorgs.com

Yuri is the Dutch Ambassador of Singularity University, Managing Director of the Singularity University Summit Europe and a triple alumnus of the Singularity University, Exponential Medicine and Exponential Finance. He was co-founder/lead organizer of successful corporate hackatons and non-profit events & communities like Quantified Self Europe and Amsterdam, Mobile Monday Amsterdam, Lean Startup NL and TEDxAmsterdam. Yuri was a key member of the Topteam Creative Industry within the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation in the central Dutch government which focused on driving innovation at the ecosystem level.



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    • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
    • Digital Transformation
    • Singularity and Transhumanism
    • Technology and Humanity

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