Andrew Grill

Andrew Grill
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  • Leading Digital Transformation & Social Business Expert, Global Managing Partner, IBM Social Consulting

    Andrew is an internationally renowned thought leader in the fields of digital transformation, social business, and social media networks.

    Since 1999, Andrew has spoken at over 300 events to audiences as large as 1,000 people in the US, UK, Europe, Central America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand on issues related to digital transformation, new technologies, digital strategy, social Eminence, brand advocates and the rise of social media to become social business.

    Andrew’s keynotes draw on his first-hand experience of digital transformation, and the power of social media networks as a result his role as CEO of leading social influence platform Kred. His leadership of 6 startups over a 12-year period ensures he can also speak to audiences about how to “think like a startup” and work in an agile way.

    Audiences globally have delighted from his deep knowledge and insights around digital and social, his passionate and engaging delivery style as well as the practical advice he delivers to companies looking to adapt and change to the impact of digital and social networks.

    Andrew has worked in UK/Europe/US/Australia and is willing to travel to these locations.

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