Anton Musgrave

Anton Musgrave
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  • Futurist, Business Strategist, Public Speaker, Businessman and Entrepreneur

    Anton joined the global FutureWorld International network in 1991 and is now a senior partner and owner.

    Anton has enjoyed a varied and successful professional and business career. Most recently he served as Managing Director of Citadel Private Client Wealth Management. He has also served as Managing Partner a large legal practice and Managing Director of a major property business. He has consulted to regional government structures and served as the President of a National Property Owners Association, representing property interests worth $60 billion. He currently also serves as permanent advisor to several businesses and families and served on the Board of Governors of an educational institution.

    As a long-standing Director of FutureWorld, Anton regularly advises businesses globally on strategic thinking, future innovation imperatives to drive growth and sustainable success and related business themes. He has an excellent and insightful understanding of a wide range of industries, from services, the professions, property, law, financial services, mining, energy, FMCG and travel. …

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