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Åsa Degermark
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  • Åsa Degermark, Senior consultant and key-note speaker

    Åsa has a big passion and knowledge in communication, leadership and digital transformation. She has spent 20 years in Ericsson, a global telecom company, in managing roles, working with leadership, change and communication. She has a special interest in technology and the benefits for society and business. As Head of Communication for Ericsson’s R&D and Innovation, she was highly engaged in the company’s digital transformation and gained valuable experience of what makes a transformation successful. Since 2018, Åsa runs her own business where she supports others to become successful in their digital transformation.

    In 2018 she launched her first book “Digital Leadership – how to lead successfully in a digital world” (Swedish only) and she is now writing her second book (in English) focusing on AI and leadership.

    Åsa has inspired many leaders around the world to upgrade their traditional leadership to a leadership that will succeed in a digital world. She has outlined 8 leadership principles that she shares with passion, insights and concrete actions for every leader. She is now adding the aspects and impacts of AI to her keynotes to prepare leaders and organizations for even further changes to come.

    With her digital mindset, she was very early in developing digital events for her organization. To connect and align the R&D organization, she developed a digital event format to create interaction, knowledge sharing and alignment in the organization, reaching 5000 leaders live. In 2016, she was awarded for this sustainable digital event, both in Sweden and in Europe. Since then, Åsa has developed this concept further and act as a counselor, content creator and producer to digital events for large brands.

    Speaking topics:
    – Leadership to succeed in the digital world
    – The AI impact on future teams and leaders
    – How to succeed with your digital event

    From Åsa Degermark’s blog:
    How to make a successful Digital Event
    Peoples’ ability to change will make your success
    Upgrade your leadership – but make sure your KPIs follow the same path
    Do you have what it takes?

    Åsa Degermark on the Web:
    Web site: http://www.degermarkconsulting.se
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/asadegermark/

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