David Gram

David Gram
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Billund or Copenhagen, Denmark
English, Danish
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  • David Gram, Keynote Speaker & Innovation Expert, former Head of LEGO Ventures (EMEA) and Senior Innovation Director in LEGO’s Future Lab, Co-founder of Diplomatic Rebels

    David Gram has been an intrapreneur in large organizations his entire career with hands-on experience from running multiple radical/digital innovation projects from early research and incubation to full scale launch. As such he was Head of innovation at SAS, Senior Innovation Director in LEGO’s famous Future Lab and recently Head of Venturing, EMEA at LEGO Ventures.

    David has given more than 150 keynotes and masterclasses on topics around innovation, business transformation and future of work. His stories consist of concrete cases and real-life stories from the LEGO Group and other leading brands, mixed with specific insights and best practices from his personal experience on how to structure and lead innovation more effectively. The stories and insights address some of the key challenges with innovation and transformation in larger organizations, incl. how to create more resilient and adaptive business ecosystems, providing both executives and intrapreneurs with concrete tools and methods, as well as inspiration, on how to lead and drive innovation, digital transformation and business ecosystem strategies more successfully.

    David is passionate about transforming large organizations into lean innovators. Believing that companies not only have an opportunity to better leverage their resources, assets and expertise in creating value, but also a responsibility to lead the global change in a way that has a long-term positive impact on human beings and the planet.

    David’s key themes are:

    1. Delivering radical innovation through a culture of intrapreneurship
    2. Creating a strong strategic foundation for effective innovation
    3. From corporate giant to agile ecosystem – how to leverage corporate venturing to build your future business
    4. Becoming a Diplomatic Rebel – transforming large organizations from within
    5. Leading millennials as intrapreneurs – how to attract, retain and lead the next generation innovators
    6. Leading and exploring the future of education – how to lead the democratization of education

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