Didier Marlier

Didier Marlier
  • Business and Commerce
  • Digital Transformation
  • Society, Culture and Politics
  • Technology and Humanity
Brussels / Geneva / São Paulo
English, French, Portuguese
Upon Request
  • Disruption Economy, Leadership & Change Agent
    From Disruption to Engagement: Didier’s (Belgian/Swiss) belief is that the rapidly emerging “Disruption Economy”, will impact the way we consider strategy, Screenshot 2014-07-17 06.34.53organization and leadership in our businesses. For him, the winners of tomorrow’s economy will be those who truly manage to engage their whole organization into the “Disruption Journey” and challenge their “orthodoxies” to evolve:

    – From strategy as guessing the Future to strategize as a process aiming at being permanently prepared for the Future
    – From organizations to organic networks
    – From “seniority means superiority” to “engaging leadership”

    Didier advises leaders on how to “intellectually compel” and “emotionally engage” their people into large scale changes. He is a renowned expert in organizational change (Engagement Processes), leadership development & team/individual coaching at Executive/Board levels. He is also a well-known TED-x speaker. …

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