Liselotte Lyngsø

Liselotte Lyngsø
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Business and Commerce
  • Digital Transformation
  • Education, Training and HR
  • Energy, Utilities and Environment
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Lifestyle, Trends and Food
  • Pharma, Health and Medical
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Security, Cybercrime, Privacy
  • Singularity and Transhumanism
  • Society, Culture and Politics
  • Technology and Humanity
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Work, Jobs and Employment
Copenhagen, Denmark
English, French, Danish
Upon Request
  • Spot the Future & Shape It

    Liselotte Lyngsø is Founder and Managing Partner of the innovation and futurist company Future  Navigator. Prior to that, she was Director at Fahrenheit 212 an ideas company owned by Saatchi. For 8 years she worked as Director of Research at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Since 2002, she has been a member of the Foresight editorial board in the EU (predicting Brexit back in 1996!) and she is a founding member of the Global Future Forum. Furthermore she is a futurist advisor at Specialisterne, Lifeboat Foundation and the 2019 NMC Technology Outlook.

    Liselotte works extensively with scenarios for the future, innovation, technologies and megatrends that have consequences for the way we think, work, feel and travel. She is in great demand as a futurist speaker, coach and moderator all over the world as well as consulting for global organizations like NEOM, Nukissiorfiit, OSM, IKEA, Radius Travel, Innovation Norway, SAS, Travelpool Europe, Ramboll, and NovoNordisk. Born in Denmark, she has an M.Phil. in Economics and Politics from St. Antony’s College, Oxford University, UK. Liselotte speaks Scandinavian, English and French.

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