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Nils Müller
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  • Nils Müller, MBA, CEO & Founder TRENDONE GmbH

    The world is changing rapidly. Disruptive ideas, innovative developments and radical technological advances are influencing our markets, industries and entire lives faster and more powerfully than ever before. Being able to detect pioneering trends and innovations at an early stage not only gives companies a competitive advantage, but also ensures their survival.

    This is the reason why Nils Müller founded TRENDONE. Since 2002, he has helped a wide range of companies to identify and exploit relevant trends and individual innovation challenges. Today, his company is the market leader for trend research & innovation consulting in German-speaking countries – and it is still owner-managed. With his global trend network “LaFutura”, Nils Müller also brings together the world’s leading futurists and visionaries on an international level.

    His keynotes are recognized nationally and internationally as event highlights – particularly his “Time Travel 2030”. Using an effective storyline, this presentation gives you an up close and personal look at the global innovations of the future and inspires you to use them to your advantage.

    Nils studied in Berlin, New York and Milan. He began his career at the IBM Innovation Center. Today. he lives with his wife and three children in Hamburg-Blankenese.


    • The World in 2030
    • Artificial Intelligence & Robots
    • Transhumanism
    • Society 5.0
    • Digital Transformation
    • Zero Emissions

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