Peter Vander Auwera (Petervan)

Peter Vander Auwera
  • Business and Commerce
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Society, Culture and Politics
  • Technology and Humanity
  • Work, Jobs and Employment
Aalst, Belgium
English, Dutch
Upon Request
  • Thinker – Creator – Sensemaker

    Petervan is an internationally experienced Innovation Lead and Architect & Curator of events and immersive learning experiences. His ambition is to inspire other people to dream. His presentations feel more like performances, with his own artwork, soundscapes and poetry. Topics include corporate innovation, rebellion and activism, the essence of human work, the illusion of agency, and deep change. Top 100 Futurist Influencer 2018, Top FinTech influencer, Former co-founder Innotribe (SWIFT), Microsoft Chairman’s Award 2005, WEF Personal Data Expert Group.

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  • Peterevan FinnoSummit 2018 Performance – Mexico City download