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15 Emerging Agriculture Technologies That Will Change The World

Below are technologies related to agricultural and natural manufacturing under four key areas of accelerating change: Sensors, Food, Automation and Engineering. Sensors help agriculture by enabling real-time traceability and diagnosis of crop, livestock and farm machine states. Food may benefit directly from genetic tailoring and

Atmospheric Water Harvesting – Your Drought Solution

According to the California Agricultural Resource Directory of 2009, California grows 99% of the U.S. almonds, artichokes, and walnuts; 97% of the kiwis, apricots and plums; 96% of the figs, olives and nectarines; 95% of celery and garlic; 88% of strawberries and lemons… So, if we

Robotics revolutionize dairy farm

emergentfutures: “The voluntary milking system automatically milks cows 24 hours a day,” Brian Casey said during a walk though his barn late last week. Some of the cows are milked four times a day and, if you can believe it, they get milked when they

Bhutan being serious about sustainability

Leading by example: first by measuring Gross National Happiness and now by aiming to become 100% organic. Yes, Bhutan is inspiring us once again. “Bhutan has decided to go for a green economy in light of the tremendous pressure we are exerting on the planet,”

Rapid Climate Change Threatens World’s Rice Bowl | CGIAR Climate

Link: Rapid Climate Change Threatens World’s Rice Bowl | CGIAR Climate Climate change threatens agricultural productivity in South and Southeast Asia, which could devastate the region: As Asia’s monsoon season begins, leading climate specialists and agricultural scientists meeting in Bangkok warned today that rapid climate