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Ajit Jaokar: How many cats does it need to identify a Cat?

In his article on Data Science Central of January 5, 2017, TFA Member and Futurist Ajit Jaokar asks the question: “How many cats does it need to identify a Cat?” “This question is in reference to Andrew Ng’s famous paper on Deep Learning,” write Ajit

Ajit Jaokar, Futuretext Co-Founder on ‘The Digital World 2025’ (by eifonline)

Welcome to our Network: Ajit Jaokar

A couple of days ago, Founder of Futuretext and Digital Policy Expert joined TFA’s Speakers Network. Welcome ! Ajit Jaokar’s work is focussed on researching Digital policy, Smart cities, Open systems including White space networks, The mobile web and the wider application of technology to humanity

Screenagers – Brands and Trust

Found on new TFA network member Ajit Jaokar’s blog Open Gardens: “Trust and Brands are interwoven like the double helix of DNA.. A Brand is much more than the image, logo, name, awareness, experience, campaign, product or trademark. Whilst all of the above (and more)