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Can anything curb the dominance of the internet’s big guns?

The internet companies bargain hard to ensure that the new rules will not destroy their business, and the regulators and spies meet them there – it’s inconceivable that a regulator would tell Google that it must change its search business so fundamentally that it had

Kindle Unlimited Makes Some Authors Upset

But a new complaint is about Kindle Unlimited, a new Amazon subscription service that offers access to 700,000 books — both self-published and traditionally published — for $9.99 a month. It may bring in readers, but the writers say they earn less. And in interviews

For Amazon, the future of T.V. could be e-commerce

With the launch of Fire TV, it’s clear that Amazon has figured out the new logic of the tech industry: the company that controls your TV wins. This quote is interesting given that people are not watching television on TVs as much lately, the trend

Apple & Google Are Jumping Into Healthcare: Should Amazon Join the Game?

Like other major retailers, Amazon might be lured to health care by the promise of new Obamacare customers and the industry’s existing, often dysfunctional markets. For instance, Walgreen took the unusual step of launching accountable care organizations — centered around three of their pharmacies — Why Amazon will dominate global retail

Link: Why Amazon will dominate global retail’s domination of book sales has disrupted and destabilised that industry. As “The Everything Store” moves into new sectors – delivering groceries, commissioning TV drama, computer games – can it repeat the trick? 

thisistheverge: Amazon launches virtual currency Coins Amazon has just debuted its own virtual currency, Amazon Coins, allowing customers to pay for apps on its Amazon Appstore for Android, as well as some in-app items. Kindle Fire customers in the US are the first to get