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Slack Gets Personal

Read more at Fast Company via Instapaper And for all you Unfamiliars out there, here’s the lowdown on Slack:

The death of the car in Helsinki

By 2025, the Finnish capital intends to revamp its public transport system to such an extent that private car ownership becomes pointless. Better public transportation, new ride sharing programs, and one app to connect them all. Sounds like a good plan. Read more from ZDNet

Now there’s a way to diagnose HIV with a smartphone – Quartz

Here’s how it works: The “dongle” device takes a prick of blood and tests it to see whether there are a higher-than-normal number of the antibodies that fight HIV and syphilis in the blood. That immune system reaction indicates that the patient is positive, explains Wan Laksanasopin, a biomedical

Chain Blog — Bitcoin’s Killer Apps

Bitcoin is in the same place today. Many people are intrigued because they can feel “something is going on.” But they wonder how buying a sandwich with bitcoin is better than using, say, a credit card. As with many breakthroughs, most people think about bitcoin

Book Recommendation: The App Effect

Recommending: “Almost overnight, display devices and multi-touch have become the normal user experience. The biggest constant however are our personal apps. In this book we sketch out these major developments in technology and human information behavior. And, in particular, focus on their business impact. Apps

Gerd Leonhard’s presentation at Sogeti’s event TheAppEffect on June 7th, 2011, in Bussum, Netherlands.