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What the Internet Was Like Before It Was Being Watched

The Internet is unique among revolutionary communications media because it was designed for—and has thus far maintained—interactivity…But there are threats to the decentralized, collaborative architecture of the Internet. We see this often from corporations seeking to control the online experience, whether that is undermining net

The Future of Mobile Apps for News

If mobile is to become the dominant vector for news, retaining readers will be much more challenging than it is on a PC or tablet (though the latter tends to engage readers 10x or sometimes 20x more). A news app needs to be steered with

Wearable Device Timeline

futurist-foresight: A look at the increase in wearable tech and  apps. michaelfiorentino: Wearable apps are about to blow up. Here is a look at the current app ecosystem as it stands today:

The Tyranny Of Connectivity – Great piece by Jonathan Fields

Link: The Tyranny Of Connectivity – Great piece by Jonathan Fields The constant default to appified space-evaporating remote connectivity kills not only our ability to reconnect with those right in front of us, but the possibility of serendipitous collision that’s so important to next-level ideation,

emergentfutures: With Personal Data, Predictive Apps Stay a Step Ahead Apps that proactively help people with their lives represent a significant departure from earlier approaches to software. Full Story: Technology Review

thisistheverge: Google Glass apps: everything you can do right now We test every Google Glass app so you don’t have to

fastcompany: 10 Little Known Apps That Entrepreneurs Can’t Live Without Writer Leo Widrich offers a sneak peek at the next wave of productivity apps that top entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, and Guy Kawasaki are working with daily.

thisistheverge: Amazon launches virtual currency Coins Amazon has just debuted its own virtual currency, Amazon Coins, allowing customers to pay for apps on its Amazon Appstore for Android, as well as some in-app items. Kindle Fire customers in the US are the first to get

Google Now, Anticipatory Systems, and the Future of Big Data | MIT

Link: Google Now, Anticipatory Systems, and the Future of Big Data | MIT If the last century was marked by the ability to observe the interactions of physical matter—think of technologies like x-ray and radar—this century, he says, is going to be defined by the