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Forces of nature: Biomimicry in robotics

Bioinspired devices are helping robotics engineers to solve many problems Excellent article on how robotic engineers try to copy the abilities of living beings, providing fruitful ground for bioinspired technologies. Nature just does things better than humans. It is a galling fact for engineers, but

Interesting New Futurist Book: A Dangerous Master

We live in an age where a machine can target, shoot, and kill without the physical involvement of a human; guns can be printed in private homes; and supercomputers can conduct thousands of financial trades in milliseconds. From combat drones to nanotechnology, 3-D printers to

The age of the cyborg has begun – and the consequences cannot be known

Interesting interview by The Guardian with Yuval Noah Harari, author of the bestselling Sapiens – a big history narrative of human civilisation, from how we developed from hunter-gatherers to how we organise our society and economy today. The author says that the future of life on Earth is now,

Robotics and the law: When software can harm you

Recent headlines declaring “Robot Kills Man in Germany” are examples of growing news coverage about the impact of robots on society. This is the subject of a new law review article by a University of Washington faculty member. Twenty years in, the law is finally

Manager and machine: The new leadership equation

As artificial intelligence takes hold, what will it take to be an effective executive? In a 1967 McKinsey Quarterly article, “The manager and the moron,” Peter Drucker noted that “the computer makes no decisions; it only carries out orders. It’s a total moron, and therein

Wall Street automating research report using Artificial Intelligence

Leading Wall Street firms are trying out research reports written by artificial intelligence, with a few start-ups offering software to generate company summaries for research database. “The artificial intelligence based programs essentially take data from filings, databases or internal documents, and subsequently use algorithms to

The ethics of AI: how to stop your robot cooking your cat

Great article by John C Havens in The Guardian on how to program ‘human values’ into robots and AI and the complexities of mimicking human scenario’s. “We can’t continue to move forward in an environment where our ethical desires in AI are ignored in the same way we’re tracked

An Algorithmic Sense of Humor? Not Yet.

Artificial-intelligence researchers have made vast strides recently in matching various human capabilities. But for the moment, humor looks beyond their reach. In recent months, artificial-intelligence researchers have made giant strides in matching human performance in all kind of tasks that had, until recently, been thought

Cortex: Twitter’s New Artificial Intelligence Group

Twitter is ramping up its artificial intelligence efforts, hunting for experts to fill out a new team called “Cortex.” A couple of recent job postings provide some clues about Twitter’s new Cortex group, which could help the company better personalize its service for its 300

Has A.I. Outsmarted Our Emotions?

As devices become artificially intelligent, it seems we’ve reached a critical new phase where we are striving to please our gadgets… Will it become standard for us to have mutually beneficial relationships with our devices? Read more from Wired via Pocket