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The “recycling wars” between Coca-Cola and Greenpeace have spilt into cyberspace, with the beverage giant buying the top advertising slot for searches of the environmental group’s name. The battle for internet attention follows claims by Greenpeace that free-to-air television channels 7, 9, 10 and SBS

What will the future hold?

Link: What will the future hold? Futurist and Futures Agency member Ross Dawson speculates on what technologies will be common in the year 2030.

Your 2012 climate change scorecard | Grist

Link: Your 2012 climate change scorecard | Grist • The United Nations did nothing. Fifty thousand people met in Rio; who-knows-how-many traveled to Qatar. And that all resulted in a vague promise to maybe do something in 2013. The U.N.’s ability to mandate change is

futuristgerd: Google Tech Talk: The Future of Media …and Content in the Cloud (by GoogleAustralia) Just found this video from my talk at Google Australia, from 2011 Related articles futuristgerd: Social media still important, but CEOs see future… ( futuristgerd: One of my favorite statements

Five By Five -15 Feb

1. Can America adjust to higher gas prices? – Brad Plummer via The Washington Post — US gas prices are spiking above $3.50/gallon nationally, which threatens the easing economic situation. In 2011, gas prices rose and wiped out the benefits of Obama’s middle-class tax cuts.