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The death of the car in Helsinki

By 2025, the Finnish capital intends to revamp its public transport system to such an extent that private car ownership becomes pointless. Better public transportation, new ride sharing programs, and one app to connect them all. Sounds like a good plan. Read more from ZDNet

Ethical robot cars: a terrible idea?

Imagine that manufacturers created preference settings that allow us to save hybrid cars over gas-guzzling trucks, or insured cars over uninsured ones, or helmeted motorcyclists over unhelmeted ones. Or more troubling, ethics settings that allow us to save children over the elderly, or men over women,

emergentfutures: Car Sharing Grows With Fewer Strings Attached    Marc Clemens, founder and chief executive of Sommelier Privé, an online wine service, gave up owning a car a year and a half ago. When he wants to drive to work in the morning, he checks