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Will driverless trucks automate-away too many Jobs ? (via TechCrunch)

Crunch Network recently published a post by Ryan Petersen, saying “No technology will automate away more jobs — or drive more economic efficiency — than the driverless truck.” Another key statement: “Where drivers are restricted by law from driving more than 11 hours per day without

Gartner’s 2015 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

Gartner published its 2015 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies report, the longest-running annual Hype Cycle, providing a cross-industry perspective on the technologies and trends that business strategists, chief innovation officers, R&D leaders, entrepreneurs, global market developers and emerging-technology teams should consider in developing emerging-technology portfolios. The

Danny Choi via It was only December of last year when Google earned patents for autonomous vehicles. Now, the technology continues to rapidly move ahead as automotive supplier Continental has commenced testing a semi-autonomous vehicle of its own that is more affordable and could