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Cyborgs could be beginning of the end – BBC Click

Futurist Gerd Leonhard has issued a warning against an increasingly connected and online society. He says that the threat to security will only increase as devices become more connected through the ‘internet of things’. He also told BBC Click about the risks that could develop

futuristgerd: (via MediaFuturist: New video: Rebooting Media: my presentation at the Belfast Media Festival 2012) This is a very nicely recorded video (thanks to the BBC NI and their fabulous studio in Belfast) and I cover a lot of ground as far as the future

Rebooting Media: Gerd Leonhard at Belfast Media Festival 2012

This is the complete 50 minutes of Gerd’s speech at the Belfast Media Festival 2012 see on the future of media and the creative industries. You can download the PDF with most slides here or just browse my Slideshare channel at In