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Evolution in fast-forward

By Tim Cole Humans have always lived in symbiosis with their tools. By inventing more and more sophisticated and intelligent tools, mankind has changed itself and become smarter over time. This is a natural process, and it is nonjudgmental. The mistake the prophets of doom

Life in the 2040s: nanofactories, flying cars, household robots, more

emergentfutures: Over the coming decades, healthcare research will wield huge benefits for humankind. By 2040, stem cells, gene therapy, and 3-D bio printing promise to cure or make manageable most of today’s diseases. Regenerative medicine breakthroughs are appearing almost daily. Experts now predict that the

futurescope: The World’s First Algae-Powered Building Opens in Hamburg via inhabitat: The world’s first algae-powered building just opened in Hamburg! Dubbed the BIQ House, the project features a bio-adaptive algae facade and it will serve as a testing bed for sustainable energy production in urban areas and self-sufficient

smarterplanet: 3D Printer for Living Things Solve for X: Austen Heinz on democratizing creation “Mindblowing presentation about future applications of DNA laser printer. Have you ever wondered how many years will pass since we as human species become able to “freely design” living organisms. This