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Opinion: The Big Lie About Bitcoin (via P2P Foundation)

Economist and technologist David de Ugarte recently published his noteworthy views. Translated from Spanish, the post has been made public on the P2P Foundation blog. “The problem with blockchain is in its design: dependence on mining, an industrial activity based on the availability of infrastructure, puts

Exclusive: IBM looking at adopting bitcoin technology for major currencies

NEW YORK (Reuters) – International Business Machines Corp is considering adopting the underlying technology behind bitcoin, known as the “blockchain,” to create a digital cash and payment system for major currencies, according to a person familiar with the matter. Read more from Reuters

New Digital Currency Unites All Global Money Systems

Stellar is many things, but it’s best to think of it as an effort to create a worldwide network that lets anyone send any currency and have it arrive as any other currency. You can send bitcoin and have them arrive as dollars. You can

Bitcoin and the Digital-Currency Revolution

The digital currency known as bitcoin is only six years old, and many of its critics are already declaring it dead. But such dire predictions miss a far more important point: Whether bitcoin survives or not, the technology underlying it is here to stay. In

Chain Blog — Bitcoin’s Killer Apps

Bitcoin is in the same place today. Many people are intrigued because they can feel “something is going on.” But they wonder how buying a sandwich with bitcoin is better than using, say, a credit card. As with many breakthroughs, most people think about bitcoin

New Digital Currency Aims to Unite Every Money System on Earth

“Rodrigo Batista is the CEO of Mercado Bitcoin, the first Brazilian bitcoin exchange and one of the largest digital currency operations in Latin America…By the end of August, he says, his site will embrace a brand new digital currency project called Stellar…” Read more via

Platform Enables Passers-By To Tip Buskers With Bitcoin

springwise: Platform enables passers-by to tip buskers with Bitcoin The rise of digital piracy — and to some extent, streaming services such as Spotify — has hit the music industry extremely hard. We’ve already seen efforts to help fight back with innovative payment systems to reward

wired: When Foodler jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon a few months ago, it seemed like an interesting way to drum up new business. But it turns out that, for some, Bitcoin business can come with an unexpected pricetag: privacy. Since April, the Boston-based online restaurant

futurist-foresight: More on Bitcoins. The virtual currency being much discussed at the moment. emergentfutures: The New York bar that takes Bitcoins Currently, more than 100 retailers around the world are using the app to accept Bitcoins as payment, according to Tony Gallippy, co-founder and CEO

parislemon: theatlanticvideo: This Trippy Video Explains Bitcoin in Under 4 Minutes The mysterious digital currency has spiked in value — but what is it?  Absolutely fascinating.